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Become a TuneTrek Sustainer Today


Thank you for choosing to contribute to TuneTrek.

It's been seven years and over 50 episodes of experimenting and developing the show. And now it's time to start sharing these treks, stories and songs.  

MP has handpicked the first group of episodes to bring to fruition and he needs your support.  

Even though most of the filming has been completed, there's still all of the post-production to get done. This is where you come in. Your support helps fund the costs of editing, animation, audio mixing and mastering, marketing, and publicity. And a portion of your donation goes back to each historic landmark.

Make a monthly or one-time donation and get a sneak peek of the Sydonie Mansion episode.

You can also become a Presenting Sponsor for one or more episodes. You receive credit in the episode(s), a limited edition signed print, sneak peeks, and invites to exclusive TuneTrek events.

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